Democratic Alliance

Why Mmusi’s battle is also a test for SA

The DA leader faces a stiffer electoral test than his predecessors did, writes Tony Leon On a visit to London last month, a British friend of mine had a meeting with the leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Mmusi Maimane. My friend advised that he was impressed with Maimane, but embarrassed that he kept calling [...]

Upcoming elections most important since 1994 – Tony Leon

Durban - The upcoming local government elections are probably the most important since 1994, former Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon said on Wednesday. "I think although this is a local government election, given the backdrop against which it’s happening from Nenegate, through to the multiple crises of governance and the mushrooming of corruption, it is [...]

South Africa: Land of scandalous public figures who choose to brazen it out

Shamefulness is a by-product of decency. Hlaudi Motsoeneng, who hiked his own salary into the stratosphere, clearly suffers from the opposite condition Synchronicity is the concept pioneered by psychologist Carl Jung who held that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship, but apparently are meaningfully related. Ben Trisk, the enterprising CEO [...]

Constitutional rule or party diktat — what’s it going to be?

POLITICAL theorist Hannah Arendt gifted to posterity great insights into power and a compelling phraseology. Report on the Banality of Evil to Men in Dark Times, she had a rare ability to describe humanity’s descent into authoritarian evil. Her study of the most pervasive iniquities of the 20th century, published shortly after the Second World [...]

Tony Leon’s message to the DA

Speech by Tony Leon to the DA Federal Congress, Port Elizabeth, Sunday, May 10 2015: “The Power of an Idea” As I was saying at the last DA Congress I spoke at exactly eight years ago yesterday, before I disappeared from your midst- All is not lost if courage remains. We can make South Africa [...]