Why #FeesMustFall succeeded where others failed

Why did there appear to be such broad sympathy and support for the student cause? On the first night of the Jewish Passover festival, to commemorate the exodus from enslavement in Pharaoh’s Egypt over 5 700 years ago, a famous question is raised. The youngest person at the dinner (seder) table traditionally asks: “Why is [...]

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Mbeki got away with skipping question time and ministers routinely evaded censure

YOU couldn‘t make it up. Peering at the world through chic European spectacles, shod in Italian shoes, chauffeured in a German car and the beneficiary of R25-million from a US-listed mining house, National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete assailed Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema — and for even worse than being a “cockroach”. According to [...]

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