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Creating a desert where excellence can’t bloom

Many years ago, Harry Oppenheimer suggested that “In Johannesburg there is nothing to see and in Cape Town there is no one to talk to.” Recent population shifts have altered the conversation imbalance. But that does not mean each conversation in the Mother City offers reassurance. Last Monday, I asked a senior academic at University [...]

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The parallels between Jacob Zuma and Harvey Weinstein cannot be missed

There are obvious comparisons to be drawn between fallen Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and beleaguered President Jacob Zuma. Both have been accused of inappropriate conduct, or worse, misconduct, towards women and abusing their positions of power. Zuma was of course acquitted of rape charges and Weinstein has yet to be charged. With eight women, at [...]

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Contenders to succeed Zuma offer dismal prospects of growth reform

Top duo represent ‘evil of two lessers’, which is not exactly a recipe for dynamic or even dynastic change Is SA capable of making the deep and swift reforms needed to lift growth, restore business confidence, create jobs and dent poverty? And who might lead this process of urgent renewal? On the leadership question, the [...]

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Zuma administration is in a league of its own

If the US constitution resembles a durable oak, ours is like a bonsai tree With the horrific gun-killings in Las Vegas, it might seem trite to mention one of the great TV series of the past decade, The Sopranos. But sometimes escapism beats deadly reality. And that mould-breaking psychodrama mixed the humdrum New Jersey suburban [...]

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