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Harder to locate your conscience when the only job you know is on the line

Zuma's fate is in the hands of MPs who get paid for party loyalty Much anticipation accompanies Members of Parliament when they convene on 8 August to debate the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma. Many member, probably think the following formula of words do justice to the gravity of Zuma’s continuance in office: “You have [...]

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Russia shows greater regard for history than our campus mobs

Meanwhile, Putin reduces the reputations of Zuma’s SA and Trump's US to the level of his kleptocratic regime About 120 years ago, my paternal grandmother, Tamara Drusinsky – then a babe in arms – left Russia for Constantinople, and eventually arrived with her family in SA More recently, when President Vladimir Putin visited Parliament in [...]

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Mandela put SA first. The same can’t be said of Jacob Zuma

Nelson Mandela was born last week 99 years ago, when the telegraph was the means of mass communication. But much of the commemoration of his July 18 birthdaywas in cyberspace across social media platforms. One such meme sent to me on the birthday, appropriately encased in a black border, bore the legend: “It ’s little use having 1 Mandela day and [...]

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The Big Read: Thank you, Bell Pottinger

Imagine you own a large and successful plumbing and sanitation company. You decide to go big with the launch of your new corporate headquarters. You invite your major clients and the media to the event. Then, moments after the event commences, disaster strikes. In full view of the assembled dignitaries, the pipes burst, spewing water [...]

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