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And now for the SA remake of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina?

Contrary to the popular song by Andrew Lloyd Webber, there has been much to cry about in Argentina. Bad economics, worse governance and a populist president are three headline-grabbers from across the South Atlantic. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner gave, figuratively, the middle finger to international investors and did in Spanish over there from a position [...]

Where’s South Africa headed? Just look at Argentina

So much wealth and wellbeing was squandered by bad governance and even worse economic policies THIS month three years ago I had an interesting encounter with one of the most senior members of our government. I had just returned from my stint as SA ambassador to Argentina, and I was asked for my views on [...]

Whites: The scapegoats that the Jews once were

"Populism flourishes on conspiracy theories, conjuring up sinister forces seeking to undermine people’s interests" IN AN essay published in late September in The New York Review of Books entitled "Fear", US novelist Marilynne Robinson accused certain extremist strands in contemporary American Christianity of being "unchristian" in that they peddle a noxious cocktail of "ignorance, intolerance [...]

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Jacob Zuma: Party first, country and constitution second

Give the man a Bells — or should that be a cuppa tea? If our dear president drank infusions stronger than his preferred rooibos tea, I guess you would give the man a Bell‘s. Since tea was the preferred metaphor for Gwede Mantashe‘s recent attack on his predecessor, Kgalema Motlanthe, for daring to suggest that [...]

Why #FeesMustFall succeeded where others failed

Why did there appear to be such broad sympathy and support for the student cause? On the first night of the Jewish Passover festival, to commemorate the exodus from enslavement in Pharaoh’s Egypt over 5 700 years ago, a famous question is raised. The youngest person at the dinner (seder) table traditionally asks: “Why is [...]

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