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Why did Zuma pick a provincial politician as mines minister?

Mosebenzi Zwane apparently has some ethical challenges, knows nothing about mining or oil and gas, but it's all washed away by his fast friendship with the Guptas As the monarch sings in the musical The King and I, it is a “puzzlement”. Whatever your thoughts about the state of our economy and the challenges of [...]

Tough questions for our democratic parliament to answer

In an eventful, and crisis-driven three terms as British Prime Minister, Tony Blair both created and confronted some big issues and hairy moments. Here is his unequivocal description of the worst of them: “ It was the most discombobulating, nail-biting, bowel-moving, terror-inspiring, courage-draining experience in my prime-ministerial life, without question.” Was he describing the decision [...]

Gloom around Springboks chimes with business and worker despondency about SA

The 'left-wing critics' of both Mandela and Mbeki are now in charge of this country’s economic direction under Zuma When top-seeded Boris Becker lost at Wimbledon in 1987 to 43rd-ranked Australian Peter Doohan, he provided a thoughtful addition to the philosophy of shock defeats. The German tennis ace shrugged it off: "I didn’t lose a [...]

Obed Bapela: Putting the moron into oxymoron

Why was this tiny community of just over 60000 souls being given such exemplary attention? ON SATURDAY Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank penned a withering put-down of Hillary Clinton‘s faltering second try for the White House. He accused her “bloated campaign team” of “putting the moron into oxymoron”. He has a point: in the early [...]

ANC dresses our economic saviour in the devil’s robes

Why does the ruling party rail against the West, even while celebrating its investment and faith in our economy? It simply lacks any logic. On his death bed in 1778, the French philosopher Voltaire was urged to renounce the devil. He reputedly responded: “This is no time to be making enemies.” Whoever authored the international [...]

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