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Never mind Greece – it’s Argentina’s fate we must avoid

In May 1973, British Prime Minister Edward Heath told the House of Commons that the bribery and corruption practised by mining house Lonrho in Africa, under the swashbuckling Tiny Rowland, represented ‘’the unpleasant and unacceptable face of capitalism.’’ Heath’s famous phrase got local application recently when retailer Lewis Ltd was exposed by the enterprising Summit [...]

Why it’s decision time for South Africa

We know what the problem is and its time to make some tough policy decisions Movie legend Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times to seven husbands. This led to a joke regarding the last of them: “I feel like Liz Taylor‘s eighth husband on their wedding night; I know what I have to do, I [...]

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Constitutional rule or party diktat — what’s it going to be?

POLITICAL theorist Hannah Arendt gifted to posterity great insights into power and a compelling phraseology. Report on the Banality of Evil to Men in Dark Times, she had a rare ability to describe humanity’s descent into authoritarian evil. Her study of the most pervasive iniquities of the 20th century, published shortly after the Second World [...]

Society can either move with technology or lag behind … and fall

Blade Nzimande and his crew need to embrace technological advance. To use a word they will appreciate, it can actually be 'liberating' Unnamed metered-taxi operators made yesterday’s front page for terrorising Uber passengers and drivers on Monday, outside the Gautrain station and elsewhere in Johannesburg. We’re just lucky the drivers didn’t murder anyone, as taxi [...]

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