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South Africa’s Houdini in ANC box of Gewede

You need a rhino hide to survive at the top in politics. With so many darts, though many are injected with the truth serum, shot at Jacob Zuma, it’s a wonder he’s still walking, never mind standing. But with the equivocal support –backing him but investigating his favoured émigré family the Guptas, from his national [...]

It’s Jacob Zuma’s country, the rest of us just live here

SA has no record at all of any minister ever resigning on a point of principle. So the concept of a 'resignation speech' remains alien to our political culture On November 13 1990, the former deputy prime minister of Great Britain, Geoffrey Howe, rocked the House of Commons in his quiet, measured and, this time, [...]

The real reason Barclays is bailing out of SA

South Africa's weakening currency means that foreign investors lose money YESTERDAY was Super Tuesday in the primaries of the US presidential election. But for South Africa and our continent, it might be dubbed “Gloomy Tuesday”. And yesterday Barclays Bank, which has been knocking around our neighbourhood on and off for the past 100 years, made [...]

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Gordhan has his work cut out saving SA from the credit junkyard

THE thinking behind Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s budget speech must have been partly inspired by the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. The fable of getting things "just right", and not too extreme at either end certainly sat front and centre of last Wednesday’s effort: avoid scaring the markets with swingeing tax hikes was [...]

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