Robert Mugabe

State of the nation: We’re going the same way as our northern neighbour

Black Friday arrived on these shores in triplicate last week.

First there was the chaotic retail therapy which saw smashed shopping mall windows, crashed e-commerce websites and big bargains as South Africans went shopping.

Second there was Robert Mugabe’s inglorious end as the 93-year-old despot gave way to a 75-year-old successor with, to be diplomatic, slender democratic […]

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Don’t forget role of SA’s willing accomplice in ‘destruction of Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe’s inglorious end this week after decades of tyranny defied the outcome to which Thomas More gave voice over 500 years ago.

Mugabe like More is Catholic but, unlike the latter, he was no saint. And the Zimbabwean military disproved the More prophesy sola more tyrannicida est –‘death is the only way to be rid […]

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