Obed Bapela: Putting the moron into oxymoron

Why was this tiny community of just over 60000 souls being given such exemplary attention?

ON SATURDAY Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank penned a withering put-down of Hillary Clinton‘s faltering second try for the White House.

He accused her “bloated campaign team” of “putting the moron into oxymoron”.

He has a point: in the early polls for the […]

Markets don’t like it when Jacob Zuma holds a press conference

Only the hush-hush R1-trillion nuclear building deal from Russia is enjoying the most urgent and the fastest of fast tracks. One wonders why

If legislation, press conferences and presidential announcements spurred growth and created jobs, South Africa would currently be enjoying high levels of prosperity and maximum employment.

Instead, we are witnessing the once fabled “Rainbow Nation” […]

Bunker-buster required to flush out an oblivious Zuma

MORE than 14,000km, most of the Atlantic Ocean and a six-hour time difference separate Cape Town from Cleveland, Ohio. Yet, last Thursday, at more or less the same time, these two cities hosted versions of political theatre that drew large radio and TV ratings on the expectation that politics at its most intense and interesting […]

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High office and how it insulates officials from reality

The greatest bubble inhabitant of all is our president. His world view allows him to think — even in the wake of Nkandla — that he is a victim
There’s a John Travolta movie from 1976 called The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Based on a true story, the film traces the teenage years of a […]

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Zuma administration: ‘For my friends anything; for my enemies the law’

Events suggest the ANC will do anything for its friends. They will even ignore a court order, and rob from the poor to pay the rich
Well, it’s now official government policy: obeying the law is an optional extra. Two leading lights at the heart of authority have pronounced on the subject recently and you, dear […]

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What sense in pulling the rug from under our own feet?

LAST week in London and Geneva, I addressed groups of somewhat wary investors on SA’s prospects. There were reassuring nods from these audiences when I suggested that for all our challenges and travails, broadly speaking, the rule of law was intact. After all, were we not the nation that 21 years ago, despite the odds, […]

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Zuma should take this oath: ‘Above all, do no harm’

Amid the chaos of last week’s state of the address, President Zuma rehashed old ideas that will do more harm than good to SA

 19 Feb 2015 | Tony Leon | Original Publication:  Rand Daily Mail

Look beyond, if you can, the violent distractions on display in Parliament last week. Ignore even the curious head-dress borrowed, it […]

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