Zuma may shrug, but the country is at a crisis point

No good blaming PW or apartheid for this unhappy mess, it is of far more recent origin and largely self-created

South Africa, as it ends 2015, a year we would probably rather forget, faces an economic crisis as serious as the political train wreck of 30 years ago, in 1985.

Then President PW Botha famously never crossed […]

And now for the SA remake of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina?

Contrary to the popular song by Andrew Lloyd Webber, there has been much to cry about in Argentina. Bad economics, worse governance and a populist president are three headline-grabbers from across the South Atlantic.

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner gave, figuratively, the middle finger to international investors and did in Spanish over there from a position supreme […]

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Where’s South Africa headed? Just look at Argentina

So much wealth and wellbeing was squandered by bad governance and even worse economic policies

THIS month three years ago I had an interesting encounter with one of the most senior members of our government.
I had just returned from my stint as SA ambassador to Argentina, and I was asked for my views on that country. […]

Jacob Zuma: Party first, country and constitution second

Give the man a Bells — or should that be a cuppa tea?

If our dear president drank infusions stronger than his preferred rooibos tea, I guess you would give the man a Bell‘s. Since tea was the preferred metaphor for Gwede Mantashe‘s recent attack on his predecessor, Kgalema Motlanthe, for daring to suggest that the […]

Imagine reactions were Zuma to appoint Christo Wiese and Bobby Godsell to cabinet

Amid the biggest meltdown in our 100-plus years of mining history, Zuma plucked from provincial obscurity the Guptas’ best Free State friend, Mosebenzi Zwane

A David Sipress cartoon in the New Yorker perfectly captures the ambivalence many South Africans are experiencing. It depicts a woman walking down a street complaining to her partner: “My desire to […]

Why did Zuma pick a provincial politician as mines minister?

Mosebenzi Zwane apparently has some ethical challenges, knows nothing about mining or oil and gas, but it’s all washed away by his fast friendship with the Guptas

As the monarch sings in the musical The King and I, it is a “puzzlement”.

Whatever your thoughts about the state of our economy and the challenges of governance right […]

Gloom around Springboks chimes with business and worker despondency about SA

The ‘left-wing critics’ of both Mandela and Mbeki are now in charge of this country’s economic direction under Zuma

When top-seeded Boris Becker lost at Wimbledon in 1987 to 43rd-ranked Australian Peter Doohan, he provided a thoughtful addition to the philosophy of shock defeats. The German tennis ace shrugged it off: “I didn’t lose a war. […]

Obed Bapela: Putting the moron into oxymoron

Why was this tiny community of just over 60000 souls being given such exemplary attention?

ON SATURDAY Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank penned a withering put-down of Hillary Clinton‘s faltering second try for the White House.

He accused her “bloated campaign team” of “putting the moron into oxymoron”.

He has a point: in the early polls for the […]

Markets don’t like it when Jacob Zuma holds a press conference

Only the hush-hush R1-trillion nuclear building deal from Russia is enjoying the most urgent and the fastest of fast tracks. One wonders why

If legislation, press conferences and presidential announcements spurred growth and created jobs, South Africa would currently be enjoying high levels of prosperity and maximum employment.

Instead, we are witnessing the once fabled “Rainbow Nation” […]

Bunker-buster required to flush out an oblivious Zuma

MORE than 14,000km, most of the Atlantic Ocean and a six-hour time difference separate Cape Town from Cleveland, Ohio. Yet, last Thursday, at more or less the same time, these two cities hosted versions of political theatre that drew large radio and TV ratings on the expectation that politics at its most intense and interesting […]

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