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The empire strikes back, and it could very well be the UK’s saviour

I arrived in London on Tuesday, the day of a political revolution. Not that any observer would have noticed from the apparent autumnal normalcy of the bustling UK capital, abuzz with busy shoppers, snarled traffic and crisp weather. But it was a day of extraordinary change. Out went Liz Truss, the shortest serving and most [...]

With the ‘shelf life of a lettuce’, there’s little doubt Liz will soon be trussed

A British friend who is a senior lawmaker in the Conservative Party and has a keen interest in South Africa, said at the weekend: “What’s going on here makes South Africa seem dull and stable by comparison.” He was referencing the chaos unleashed by his country's prime minister, Liz Truss, who, in a bid to [...]

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What will kick off SA’s Arab spring?

In 2011 Xi Jinping was simply vice-president of China, before ascending to the top post as party general secretary (or supreme leader), to which he is set to be affirmed for a third term by his Communist Party at its 20th national congress. Back then he hosted a visit to his country by Joe Biden, [...]

Joburg was made a political ‘offer it couldn’t refuse’

“The Return of the Locusts” is an apt and lapidary title for the political melodrama which played out in the City Council chambers in Braamfontein, Johannesburg late last week. In short and dramatic order, following the ouster of the Speaker of the Council, a motion of no confidence was passed against the former mayor, Mpho [...]

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