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Seeking One Brave Person to Save SA from Morass of Misrule

In politics, like life, we are fascinated by who is up and who is down and who is the coming force and who is being left behind. Fact is we are more hard-wired to respond to the horse racing side of politics –who’s winning, which jockey is on the inside straight and which contender has [...]

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Markets don’t like it when Jacob Zuma holds a press conference

Only the hush-hush R1-trillion nuclear building deal from Russia is enjoying the most urgent and the fastest of fast tracks. One wonders why If legislation, press conferences and presidential announcements spurred growth and created jobs, South Africa would currently be enjoying high levels of prosperity and maximum employment. Instead, we are witnessing the once fabled [...]

Bunker-buster required to flush out an oblivious Zuma

MORE than 14,000km, most of the Atlantic Ocean and a six-hour time difference separate Cape Town from Cleveland, Ohio. Yet, last Thursday, at more or less the same time, these two cities hosted versions of political theatre that drew large radio and TV ratings on the expectation that politics at its most intense and interesting [...]

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High office and how it insulates officials from reality

The greatest bubble inhabitant of all is our president. His world view allows him to think — even in the wake of Nkandla — that he is a victim There’s a John Travolta movie from 1976 called The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Based on a true story, the film traces the teenage years of [...]

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