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What Ramaphosa has in common with Nixon, Clinton and Blair

To insert thread through the eye of a needle is the basic, though skilled, accomplishment of every seamstress. In politics, a needle-threader is someone who can pass something through a narrow space between two often diametrically opposite impulses or ideas. In the US, president Richard Nixon was regarded by some as a needle-threader extraordinaire: he [...]

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SA no longer has the constitution for our tragic pantomime

In 2004, British playwright Michael Frayn’s award-winning play Democracy achieved both critical and commercial success, despite its seemingly dull premise: German politics in the 1970s. I watched the performance in London at the time, utterly mesmerised as the play toggled between two themes. First, the highly charged political drama — the fall of left-wing West [...]

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Today politics says goodbye to a man whose name belies his character

Stanley Baldwin, three times British prime minister in the interwar years, opined on his departure from parliament in 1937, “Once I leave, I leave. I am not going to speak to the man on the bridge and I am not going to spit on the deck.” I have sometimes followed this advice and have very seldom [...]

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