Madonsela: The one person Zuma cannot suspend

Bizarre conspiracy theories about the CIA are cooked up because she is protected from executive action
I once joked with South Africa‘s nightingale-voiced and beautiful operatic diva, Pretty Yende, that her mother chose her Christian name with commendable foresight.

So, with all the shenanigans — from load-shedding to board-shedding and beauticians morphing into diesel providers — what […]

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Politicians cannot indulge in nostalgia as if they’re artists

Politicians cannot indulge in nostalgia as if they’re artists
READERS might be familiar with the rueful answer to the old question, “How do you make a small fortune?” You inherit a big fortune!

This reminder of multigenerational squandering of old family money or talent has many sad examples. In business, the example of Johann Rupert exceeding the […]

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Why we should not host the Commonwealth Games

South Africa’s bid to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Durban will be an expensive event that will be of no material benefit to the country
Nobody likes a wet blanket, or to have rain on their parade. But there was no shortage of negative blowback to Monday’s front page story in The Times. It was […]

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