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In Rooting Out Zuma’s Poison, The ANC Itself Might Be Ramaphosa’s Biggest Stumbling Block

The South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa inherits as president is going to require far more boldness and much less chameleonic caution.

In a typically deft move in January, Cyril Ramaphosa — about to be elected our fifth democratic president — turned political poison into a self-deprecating charm.

Having been rubbished by the EFF as “buffalo man” in the […]

By |February 16th, 2018|African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma|0 Comments

He began in larceny and ended in infamy

Watching the upside-down world of the presidential drama in South Africa from Down Under – nine hours ahead in Melbourne, Australia – provides some perspective.

Actually, most of the psychodrama the world is witnessing as Jacob Zuma clings on with cuticle-wrenching intensity to the windowsill at Union Buildings reminds the reader or viewer of the famous […]

By |February 13th, 2018|African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma|0 Comments

All the signs point to junking most of our specialist forecasting models

Theresa May supremely in control of her country and party and the Brexit process; Angela Merkel, the indispensable leader of the western world, cruising to a resounding win in the German election; Donald Trump on course to blow up the US economy or to impeachment; Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma odds-on favourite to succeed her namesake as South […]

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‘Virtue signalling’ a poor and modern relation of political correctness

For the purpose of a new book which I have been commissioned to write‚ I have recently delved into the origins of the term ‘political correctness.’

Instinctively‚ perhaps congenitally‚ I am incapable of being ‘politically correct’. By this I mean subscribing or authoring opinions which hew to orthodoxy‚ however at variance with the facts on the […]

By |January 31st, 2018|African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma|0 Comments

It’s early days, but Cyril may really be the game-changer

South Africa’s ruling party elects a new president; he assures audiences at home and abroad that he will herald an era of desperately needed reform leading to political and economic recovery.

National and international opinion is deeply divided. The optimists, in short supply after the ruinous misrule of his unpopular predecessor, cling to the hope that […]

By |January 28th, 2018|African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma|0 Comments

Malema is like Trump‚ but will the DA end up like Mbeki?

A few days late and many dollars short‚ as the old saying goes‚ Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday in East London delivered the ANC January 8 statement in celebration of the movement’s 106th anniversary.

The lack of funds is not a reflection on the self-styled Buffalo Man’s huge net worth‚ but on the costly populist promises his […]

New leaders need policies that will divert SA from the cliffs that remain

Ramaphosa has to confront financial realities while placating populist lobby and dealing with land reform

Plettenberg Bay is the poster resort for the glaring inequalities confronting SA — magnificent R50m mansions overlooking Robberg Beach, a proverbial stone’s throw from the shacks dotting nearby New Horizons settlement. Plett, though, was also the place where I had a […]

By |January 11th, 2018|African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma|0 Comments

Ramaphosa will need some of FDR’s ‘tactical fluidity’ to right the ship

Shortly after Cyril Ramaphosa’s narrow victory , a senior opposition MP offered a vivid metaphor wrapped in a back handed compliment to the new ANC president.

“It’s like a piece of driftwood which you grab with both hands in a stormy sea after a shipwreck”, my informant suggested.

Ten years after the Jacob Zuma tsunami had gusted […]

By |December 31st, 2017|African National Congress (ANC), Cyril Ramaphosa, Jacob Zuma|0 Comments

Zuma’s Munchausen syndrome has damaged all the country’s vital signs

President bangs on about unity, but it is he himself who infected a party that is falling further apart by the day

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has warned South Africans who display symptoms of lysteriosis, a dread disease caused by bacterium found in soil, water and vegetation, to seek urgent medical assistance. But this outbreak, though […]

Don’t forget role of SA’s willing accomplice in ‘destruction of Zimbabwe

Party politics aside, what is best for us as citizens?

This time a decade ago, when the ANC was defenestrating its then all-powerful president Thabo Mbeki, I was an ocean away in the ice and snow which encased Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Being gifted with a five-month fellowship at the university’s John F Kennedy School of […]

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